Sunny Island Tea Co.

True tea comes from China. But not all China teas are created equal. Chinese tea farmers know that the best tea comes from few select varieties of Camellia sinensis (the tea plant). The plant must grow in a specific location, where the soil is rich with nutrients and the sun shines just enough for the tea leaves to develop their flavor without losing all the nutrients.

For centuries, tea farmers gathered grew and gathered tea in these very specific locations. Legend has it that they called such locations Sunny Islands.


Once you try our exceptionally high quality tea, you too will feel the magic of the Sunny Island. We have all three flavors available for your indulgence: The classic Black Tea, the gourmet Oolong Tea, and the healing Green Tea. Our hope is that you will enjoy a cup of hot, nourishing tea the same way Chinese emperors did.

Thousands of years of Chinese tea mastery bring you your very own Sunny Island.


“Tea is a divine herb.” ~Xu Guangqi